A little bit about me and how I became the person I am today

What I can do for you

I am what they call in Dutch “een veelkunner”. I have a variety of interests, that is why I started with photography in 2006. I also started building websites and webshops. In 2012 I started Clusive for my concepts. That’s also the year I started Vujàdé. In 2017 I took over a company called Red Lion Group, which I managed for one year and later re-branded the name to Red Element. I still do a few projects with Red Element for most start-ups. Nowadays most of my time goes into events.

How I usually work

I like talking but most of all I love doing. Being an entrepreneur is doing things most people would say is difficult, scary or sometimes even “impossible”. Just contact me and let’s talk. Preferable over the telephone, I am an old school guy!

When there is a foundation of trust or possibility to build a long-term business relationship I can help you further or connect you with the right person.


As I said, I’m a so called “veelkunner” so my skill set is very divergent.
To keep things simple here is a list:

  • Contact me if you want to start a business and maybe don’t know where to start;
  • Contact me if you already have a business (preferable start-up) and want to take further communication, marketing and branding steps;
  • Contact me if you want me to develop en business- or event concept;
  • Contact me if you are in need of a certain profession (network);
  • Contact me if you have a lot of money, want to make more but don’t know how!

I’m always up for a good talk, business or personal. I believe in personal and business being mixed. In the end we preferable do business with people we know and can trust. That is why I mostly do business with friends or become friends with people I do business with. To me that’s a long term investment.

Business Development
Concept Development